The darkness, so black

Like the moonless night, wandering blind with no light to guide

Tumbling, tripping, falling, down, down, farther and farther, no ground to break the fall


The bitterness, so tart

Like the peel of a lemon, no sugar to dull the bite

Can’t get the taste out of your mouth, no water will wash away those thick secretions down, down the back of your throat


The coldness, so bitting

Like the middle of winter without a coat, stuck in the storm no place to turn

Icy winds ripping through your body, freezing you down, down to the bone

No one can save you


It strikes its victims without warning 


They All Showed Up

Look at them all now whispering to each other about me wondering why I did it

They all showed up

Why now when it is too late? 

Nobody cared when I was all alone feeling like the world was caving in on me

None of them called or stopped by when my heart was beating and my pain was soaring out of control

Did they not realize the agony that I was in? 

They can take time out of their busy lives now all dressed in black with tears rolling down their cheeks remembering the old me

The me that I lost a long time ago. The me that I could never grieve. The me that longed to get out and have my life back.

Oh look now, there is my mother. Here she comes to cry over my body. What has it been? Ten years since she has cared enough to pick up the phone? 

And my sister too? Same as my mother. Oh how stunning she is. So many things I wish I could tell her beautiful face. Why did I have  take my life for them to finally show up? 

They all should have known it would end like this but they are all so shocked. Didn’t I give you enough warning? Didn’t I tell you the pain was too much to bear? 

My sweet girls without a mother. I feel regret for them. Hopefully, they will be able to forgive me someday the way I forgave my father. 

They all showed up

Too late 

The Weekly Clan 

He comes like a thief in the night and wakes you out of your magnificent dreams. His problems, he throws at you to carry his load. Oh, Monday no one likes you. 

Tuesday is so shy and quiet no one notices her. She sneaks by without a glance from the crowd. Nothing is unique about her, and this is why she cries into her pillow at night. 

Oh boy, look who it is! What a stud! Even though Wednesday has been in more beds than he can’t count, he can still turn the head of every woman when he walks in the room. 

There she is. Hurry, hide! Just hearing her voice is slow torture! Everything she does just drags on and on. Is there anything that Thursday can do fast? 

My favorite gal in the whole wide world!!!!! Yippee, Friday is here! She is so awesome! Always filled with so much hope and anticipation for the future! Positivity just seeps from her pores! 

Saturday, you’ve finally made it! I know you are so busy. Always too much to do and not enough time to do it in. You are my main man! 

One more person needs to arrive……..

Hopefully, he gets off the couch in time. Sunday, is so relaxed. It is hard to get him moving. 

From Sunrise to Sunset: A Journey

Open my eyes, body stiff with pain

What is there to gain?

Make myself a warm pot 

Cuddle up in my favorite spot.

Wait for the sunrise…..

Hope it will take away the feelings I despise

Another day 

Why must I feel his way?

All day long I dread

This feelings in my body and head

Struggling to get things done

This is just no fun!

Finally seeing the sunset….

The best sight yet!

This means I survived another day! 

Hooray Hooray!