31 Days of Gratitude Photo Challenge- Day 26


He dreaded first day of school photo. I’ve been taking these since preschool. This has become a tradition that I’m so grateful for in our family. Mia’s first day of preschool was on a different day, so she isn’t in this one. My two beauties starting out 10th and 7th grade this year say hat they dread the picture, but I know that hey secretly enjoy it. 

They love the traditions that make our little family what it is even though they won’t admit to it. If I didn’t busy out the camera, they would be disappointed for sure. When they get older they will love to go back through the photos and see their sense of style and how they grew just as I enjoy going back through them now. 

In an ever changing world, I am grateful for traditions that keep us grounded. 

Book Review for You! “The Strays”

Emily Bitto’s Novel “The Strays” was a novel like none that I have ever read before. Very interesting viewpoint. If you are looking to see more into the intimate lives of artists in the 1930s, this book is for you. It is written in a very unashamed manner from the viewpoint of a child. 

These children where left to there own devises and it reminded me of my own childhood watching the partying of my parents and their friends as I grew into my own. The thoughts that Lily had mirrored many of the thoughts and questions that I too had. Also, a story of deep childhood friendship that many of us can relate to. The making of a family of your own when the own you were born into just doesn’t live up to expectations. 

I enjoyed this book, even though I feel like it isn’t for everyone. Emily has an amazing writing style! 

31 Days of Gratitude Photo Challenge- Day 20


I couldn’t just choose one photo today to depict my gratitude for the amazing amount of gratitude I have for the laughter that goes on in my family. These three girls light up my life and are my reason for getting out of bed each and everyday and trying to move forward in a body that literally hates me. 
Even on my toughest days, these girls have a way of making me see the light. From the smallest giggles to the loudest cackling laughing outbursts, I look forward to the next goofy thing they will come up with. 

My household is better to watch then any comedy, from the stunt shows to the musical and dancing/gymnastic talent, I’m always being entertained. These three girls are my personal stylists and my favorite artists. 

Yes, I am so grateful for laughter!