Book Review Time! “My Husband’s Wife”

Such an odd title for a book until you get to the very end of the novel and then it all makes perfect sense.

I highly recommend this read. Anyone that has ever told a little white lie that has snowballed into something huge can relate to any of the characters in this book. Most people have secrets that they keep in the closet hidden away from even those whom they are closest to. It is only after we let out all of our secrets and deal with our issues out in the open that we can truly be set free.

Such a lovable main character who is full of flaws that I can completely relate to. Yet again I found another one that I just couldn’t put down.

Book Review Time!!! “Dragon Teeth” Takes You Back in Time!

“Dragon Teeth” by Michael Crichton isn’t the type of book that I normally read. It is set way back in the gold rush days in the time that dinosaur bones were first being discovered.

Hidden in these pages is the magnificent story of a young privileged man of 18 who learns really fast what it means to grow up and how evil humanity can be. His journey is one of bravery, strength, determination and courage way beyond his years. At the same time, he is completely naive in so many ways.

If you think this is just some old boring western, you would be wrong. It is a page-turner at its finest. Once you pick up a copy, it is nearly impossible to set down!

Book Review for You! “The Strays”

Emily Bitto’s Novel “The Strays” was a novel like none that I have ever read before. Very interesting viewpoint. If you are looking to see more into the intimate lives of artists in the 1930s, this book is for you. It is written in a very unashamed manner from the viewpoint of a child. 

These children where left to there own devises and it reminded me of my own childhood watching the partying of my parents and their friends as I grew into my own. The thoughts that Lily had mirrored many of the thoughts and questions that I too had. Also, a story of deep childhood friendship that many of us can relate to. The making of a family of your own when the own you were born into just doesn’t live up to expectations. 

I enjoyed this book, even though I feel like it isn’t for everyone. Emily has an amazing writing style! 

It’s That Time Again! Book Review! “Look Behind You”

The Johansen team doesn’t fall short on this thriller! The most beloved Kendra Michaels is back and she a force to be reckoned with. Along for the ride of catching a serial killer, experience romance, human compassion, and humor at its best. 

I highly recommend this read. Faced paced throughout and the twist at the end is not one you will see coming! 

Book Review Day!!! “The Break Down”

“The Break Down” by B.A. Paris will keep you on the edge of your seat!!!! 

I tell you what!!! I was shocked by the ending! The woman’s life in the story was so relatable to me as I have many mental issues and memory problems. I can easily see myself being in her shoes and what a scary situation. She was so strong and brave in the end. I look up to her as a strong woman and a source of strength to me as I am going through a huge trial in my own life. 

I think anyone who has been betrayed can totally emphasize with her, but I don’t know if we all would have had the poise that she did and that amount of strength and grace. What a stunning character! 

I highly recommend this read! It is fast paced and I wasn’t able to put it down. I read it in the matter of a day. Lol

Book Review Time!!!! “The Hope Chest”


One little word full of promise. That is what this book is all about. The main character suffers from ALS, a chronic condition that deteriorates the body and results in death. Despite her condition, she remains hopeful. I could relate to her on a certain level being stuck in a body that no longer seems like your own. 

My condition doesn’t result in my death, well eventually because bodies don’t last forever, but not at her same rapid demise. Even so, many of her thought processes, memories and dreams reflect my own. 

Another aspect of the book that touched my heart was the idea that family isn’t always blood related. We can find a sense of family at the most unexpected times. Family is who is there for us and who loves us. I do not have any “family” to call my own, but I sure do have a huge support system. They are my family. 

If you are looking for a good read that touches your heart, this is it. ❤️

Book Review Time!!!

So, I finished another book. I don’t know how, but every book I read relates to my life in some way. Maybe my mind is just so warped it sees things in strange ways.

I read to escape reality, but reality always has a way of chasing me. My demons come creeping back in.

This is the book I just finished. It should have been a “safe” book. A completely made up story line that had nothing to do with my life. 

Yet, it did. It tells of the crazy unbreakable bond between a sister and brother that no one can keep apart…..not murder, not the state welfare system, not even their own fears. 

I have this same bond with my sister. She hasn’t seen me in almost five years, by her choice. I have no idea what happened. My mother is involved in this for sure. I have had contact with my sister just a couple ones over those years, but after a couple messages back and forth, she always runs away from me again. 

I can also relate to the aweful childhood that this duo had and how the brother cared for and protected his little sister, often times bearing the punishment for her.

Reading this took me way back to when I was growing up and had to clean my sister up secretly so she didn’t get beat for soiling herself. Or taking the blame for something she did or said. It was so much easier for me to take physical pain than it was to take the emotional pain of watching my sister take it.

I’m still like that today, if given the choice.

The problem is, we aren’t always given the choice.