Shall I stop off there today?

Sometimes it is a good visit when I take a stroll down that old road I found un-expectantly a few years back.

Other times, I turn back the way I’ve come running as fast as I can only to find that the road seems to have gotten longer than when I had calmly strolled in with good intentions.

That is the problem with this street called Memory Lane. You never know if the memories with be good, bad, happy, sad, or a mix of everything. Sometimes, they come fast as you travel down the lane; one rapidly coming in succession one in front of the next. Other times, they linger and you can feel them just like they are happening in present day.

It is a strange road and not many people know about it. I am one who likes to keep the magic to myself. I mean, who would believe you if you told them that you can walk down a road and remember things from the past? Hmmmmm….

I think I will make that trip today after all.

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