Today I’m so grateful for a spontaneous act of kindness from not one but two women. The first one is pictured above, my daughter’s gymnastic’s instructor. I love this woman dressed in teal. I haven’t seen her since last spring and instead of asking me ridiculous questions, she simply came up to me tonight at observation and said that she feels like she she needs to give me a hug. Then, she asked how I have been. I said honestly not good and she just simply said that Kelly told her and she is so sorry. So grateful for her love and understanding.

The second blessing I had was earlier today at my yearly gynecologist appointment. Hard to find blessings there, but ones snuck in. The nurse told me that the doctor had a student working with her today and asked if it was okay if the student did my exam with guidance from my doctor. I didn’t really mind, so I agreed. In walks a friend of mine whom I had lost contact with over the years. I didn’t really know how I felt about the situation at that point, but it ended up being less awkward than I had initially thought it would have been. Through the background questions, she obviously found out about all of my current health struggles. After the exam, she came up and hugged me and told me that she would be praying for me. I almost broke down in tears.

God works in mysterious ways indeed.

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