The Value of a Warm Bath

It has been years since I took a bath. I’m not really sure why, I just never take the time to. Lat night I was sitting on the couch and the thought of a bath popped into my head like it was the best idea I ever had. I actually didn’t even say anything to anyone as I made my way back into my bathroom.

Filled my tub up with almost too hot water and immersed by body in. How amazing it felt! For the first time all day, my head didn’t. Actually didn’t even think about wanting to smoke a cigarette for that entire time I was the tub. There is something healing about water. The feeling of yourself immersed in warm water is so relaxing.

I didn’t wake up once last night, which is odd for me. I slept peacefully and woke refreshed! True to the way I process information, I thought this morning that I should look into the healing properties of baths or warm water immersion in general.

I found that taking baths is actually healthy. Here are some benefits of taking baths that I found:  improve your blood circulation, help us fall asleep, helps relieve muscle pain, lowers blood pressure, helps people with diabetes lose weight, cleans skin better than a shower, reduces headaches, helps reduce anxiety,  helps cough and flu symptoms, and it moisturizes the skin.

I also found a few pointers to get the best out of your baths. It is recommended that your bath is about 15-20 minutes in length. Talk to your doctor first if you have a heart condition and take something cod to drink with you into the tub, because you may sweat in a hot/warm bath. Pregnant women are also not advised to take hot baths.

I am so happy that I decided to take a soak last night and think that I will be implementing bath time into my routine a little more often now.

Quitting Smoking…Not for Wimps

The greatest lesson I have ever learned….for the last time…

Every time I sink into a deep pit of depression and despair, somehow my “friend” the cigarette creeps back into my life. After two years of being a non-smoker, I started back up this past December. My life has been a complete mess this past fall/winter and is just getting back on track.
I knew this day was coming and I haven’t been looking forward to it…Yesterday morning it hit me like a rock what I had to do…During my cardio session, I couldn’t breathe, I’m coughing…I feel like crap essentially…and to tell the honest truth, smoking probably is a big reason why my body is having such a hard time getting over this horrible month of sickness that I have been suffering with.
I know that I’m strong enough….I have done it before…I just have to set my mind to it. The withdrawal symptoms are just horrible!
I love newness…a new day…a new week..a new month…
I have had so many new starts in my life that I feel like the start of a new month is the perfect time to do this.

I haven’t smoked since yesterday and this lesson is so hard for me to learn for some reason. When I’m going through the quitting phase, I feel like I want to just rip my hair out and scream. It feel like my life is moving forward, but I am somehow missing a crucial step. I keep reaching for my cigarettes on my side table and they just aren’t there. It is like my anxiety is so high, I’m having a hard time breathing. I’m short tempered with everyone…and don’t forget about the hunger…I’m just so hungry!!! For everything! Appetite is soaring!

I’m allowing myself to just cope and do what I feel like doing this week, besides the need to do’s My hubby is making me dinner and I hope he knows that I’m a bottomless pit. This requires a huge amount of self-control! Staying positive that I will learn and grow from this experience!

Greatest lesson I have ever learned hopefully for the last time EVER! Don’t start smoking again, and then you don’t have to stop 🙂